Hardware constallation for living-room2

Technical devices
- PC with two graphic cards for stereo image, tracking control, superposition of real and virtual image
- Ultra sonic tracking for position tracking
- Nvis-HMD with InertiaCube for Audiovisual display, reception of position and direction (6-DOF)
- Video cameras for AR-video backdrop and optical tracking
- Handheld interaction device (WandTrax)
- Sensors for interaction with furntiture 

1) Camera input for AR-video backdrop
2) Camera input for stereo AR-video backdrop
3) Ultra sonic tracking position (3-DOF) and InertiaCube direction coordinates (3-DOF)
4) Stereo image 1 with overlayed 3D-image
5) Stereo image 2 with overlayed 3D-image
6) Handheld interface for interaction (real/virtual)
7) Furniture as interface (real/virtual)